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Herbal Formulations


Respiration is life itself. It becomes difficult to live if there is something wrong with breathing. TT’s “BREATHON” syrup is a fast and powerful remedy for asthma, bronchitis and problematic cough without any harmful side effects. Although, most such medicines contain sedatives, TT’s “BREATHON” syrup definitely produces calm and comfort but it does not sedate the patient. Its regular use cures all kinds of acute and chronic respiratory troubles as well as providing immediate relief when the whole body is shaken by an attack, when there is a malarial element involved or there is nausea and a depression of heart or there is catarrh and cough with asthma, when mucous is scanty or profuse, when there is debility or loss of flesh and mighty sweats, when attacks are worse in cold and damp weather or chronic asthma has a tendency to skin eruptions and fainting spells, when there is dry cough or violent spasmodic cough with pain in chest or cough with indigestion or great fatigue from coughing with suffocation or breathlessness. Under all these circumstances, rather in any type of trouble connected with breathing, TT’s “BREATHON” syrup brings fast and lasting relief.
Note: If you have trouble taking syrups, you can use TT’s “BREATHON” Tablets.


* Liquorice * Ephedra Vulgaris * Mint * Berg Bansaa * Ammonium Chloride


Syrup: 120 ML
Tablets: 30 Tab