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Herbal Formulations


TT’s CHILDCARE syrup ensures physical health and mental growth of infants and children and provides effective treatment for most of their ailments, whatever their cause. In case of restlessness, gastric discomfort, indigestion, constipation, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, cold or cough it brings immediate and lasting relief. It is a dependable and easy solution for problems related with dentitions.
But CHILDCARE is not just a medicine, it is also a powerful tonic for infants and children. Its regular use helps the child to gain weight, a cheerful disposition, mental alertness and physical energy. It strengthens bone structure & epidemics. There is no better cure for general debility & marasmus.
After God and parents, TT’s CHILDCARE is the greatest protector of infants and children, who relish this syrup.



120 ML, 60 ML