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Herbal Formulations


TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup is a great gift for women. Because of lack of education women tend to hide their ailments. Every other woman is suffering from Leucorrhea but due to negligence and failure to have proper and prompt treatment the disease spreads. This makes the woman weak, she loses her attraction and starts to look older, much before time. TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup not only checks Leucorrhea but also eradicates this problem within days.
TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup is also the appropriate answer when painful menses, dysmenorrhea, becomes a problem. Women facing this ordeal usually resort to strong pain-killers and are found lying down, half-dead. TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup controls dysmenorrhea with no such ill effects. It not only suppresses the pain quickly but also eliminates anxiety and cures this problematic ailment ultimately. Its use stops extra loss of blood as well as blotting. It helps when menses are either too early or too late, too profuse or too scanty. TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup helps when it becomes difficult for the suffering female even to stand erect and walk or when the pain envelops her back and hips. In addition TT’s “LEAKURE” Syrup purifies the blood and while clearing the skin adds a glow to the face.
Note: If you have trouble taking syrups you can use TT’s “LEAKURE” Tablets.


* Juniper * Saraca Indica * Ficus Benghalensis * Roots * Fumaria * Azadirachta Indica * Endive * Ajowan * Solanum Nigrum * Gendarussa Vulgaris * Adiantum Cappilus * Primpinella Anisum * Achillea Millefolium * Rubia Cardifolia * Green Vitriol * Nepata Duperalis


Syurp 120 ML
Tablets 40 Tab